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Pet Cancer Awareness Month: The Power of Prevention and Early Detection

Cancer is a condition that respects no boundaries, affecting dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. Despite its prevalence, the power of early detection coupled with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine brings the hope of successful treatment and even recovery. The Role of Early Detection Early detection of…

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A Silent Threat: Understanding and Preventing Heartworm Disease

Your furry friend’s wagging tail and bright eyes easily bring joy to your days, but lurking beyond this happy facade could be a silent threat – heartworm disease. This sneaky illness is contracted via a tiny mosquito bite, particularly in places such as Dothan, a warmer climate where mosquitoes thrive…

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Protecting Your Pet from the Hidden Menace of Parasites

It’s a warm, sunlit morning in Dothan, AL, and as you head out for a leisurely walk with your four-legged friend, the last thing on your mind might be those tiny, microscopic threats lurking in the grass. Yet, every step your pet takes could lead to an unwanted guest —…

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The Key to Your Pet’s Overall Wellbeing: Dental Health

Did you know that dental health plays a crucial role in your pet’s overall wellbeing? Poor dental hygiene can lead to more than just bad breath, but also tooth decay, painful gum disease, and even damage to their liver and kidneys. At Westwood Pet Care, we take dental health very…

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Your Pet’s Medications: What You Need to Know

Ensuring your pet’s happiness and health is a big responsibility, and we’re here to share with you about how getting their medications from us at Westwood Pet Care makes all the difference! Let’s explore why choosing us as your trusted partner is a game-changer for your pet’s well-being. Genuine Care,…

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The Gift of Wellness for Your Pets

The holiday season is upon us and it is the perfect time to start thinking about gift ideas for your pets. Most of us consider our pets as part of our family, and we want to make sure they are happy, healthy, and feel loved. One of the greatest gifts…

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